What is an Author Hero?

After you sign up you will be contacted by your Author Hero, an experienced book publishing professional assigned to streamline your Blog into Book experience.

From cover design, book layout, printing, editing, royalties and more, your Author Hero will be your point of contact every step of the way.  Your Author Hero will be available to you via email and phone to ensure your book gets published to your complete satisfaction.

How long does the Blog Into Book process take?

From the time you approve your final “manuscript” (your blog content) it will take 30 days or less to fully publish your book, and a few days after that your book will be processed by the retailers and go live for sale.  Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks to receive your printed copies to arrive.

What if I want proofreading before I go forward with publishing my book?

We have a team of professional proofreaders ready with their red pen to go through your blog and make corrections as well as offer suggestions.

You’ll have the ability to work with them and accept/reject any changes before submitting your manuscript for publishing. Proofreading is an optional service we offer for $13 per 1,000 words.

How long is a typical book? (How many blog posts do I need?)

We’ve created books out of one blog post as well as books with hundreds of posts.  eBooks can be any length.  Print books should be a minimum of 40 pages in length (24 pages for children’s books).  Our main goal when publishing a blog to book is it’s benefit to the reader not it’s length.

Books over 250 pages will cost an additional $1/page setup fee up to 400 total pages.  

Hardcover or Softcover? Black and White or Color interior?

This is totally up to you, although Hardcover books can take longer to manufacture and cost significantly more to print.  The same goes with a color interior, it is a bit more costly and takes a bit longer to produce.  All of our books have a full color cover.

Where will my book be sold?

Amazon.com, BN.com, iTunes, Google Play, Books-a-Million, as well as many more retailers as well as libraries and wholesalers and many more.  By searching your unique ISBN number in Google you will see where your book is being offered.

How much will my book sell for?

This depends on a lot of factors, from how your book is printed to the author’s ultimate plan for the book. As a general rule of thumb our most successful print books are between $9.95 – $24.95 and ebooks between $2.99 – $9.99. Each project is different based on the goals of the author.

How do I get copies of my book?

You will receive an author discount on your book which is lower than the retail price.  Each book you publish will have it’s own checkout page with a code for your author discount.

How much does each book sale pay?

  • eBooks – As a general rule of thumb you will receive an average of 67% of the retail price of your ebook, the retailers take an average of 33%.
  • Print – This will vary based on on many specifications on how your book is printed. Your Author Hero can break this down based on your book concept.

What % of the Royalties will I earn?

100% of all revenues from your book will be sent to you.  You will receive a monthly email with your sales totals and royalties due.  If you are owed $50 or more you will receive a payment that month.

Can I make changes to my book AFTER it’s been published?

We totally understand that changes sometimes need to be made to a book for any number of reasons.  However, this does take our staff some time to make the necessary changes as well as update your book and ebook everywhere it is sold.  To offset our time we must charge the following fees for changes:

Post-Publishing change fees:

  • Cover Design edits – $29 per batch
  • Metadata changes – $29 per batch (price, description, bio, category, keywords)
  • Content Changes –
    • 1-10 changes – $49
    • 11-25 changes – $79
    • 26-50 changes – $99
    • 51+ changes – contact us for a quote.

 Why don’t I just self-publish?

It turns out “self-publishing” isn’t that easy. In fact, it’s pretty hard and time consuming.

If you are an incredible content creator, the last thing you want to do is venturing into the world of self-publishing when you could be spending your time working on your blog.

Our authors who have tried self-publishing have found that they end up earning more and getting their book published much faster by letting us do the publishing while they work on promotion and of course, keep blogging.

There is still a great deal of prestige and credibility that comes with being professionally published. BlogIntoBook is not self-publishing, we are a full service digital book publisher.

Have more questions?  Contact us.

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